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Enjoy all the perfect ladyboys scenes that I have prepared for you! These are among the top rated scenes available from if you'd ask me. I've setup each scene its on its own page, with an explicit description of whats going on, plus sample pictures and also some have videos.


Perfect ladyboy: Megan

Just watch out with Megan! This hoe is gonna spank you if you deserve it so! One more tip about her; there is nothing you could do or say that wouldn’t piss her off! So you will get spanked either w…


Perfect ladyboy: Anna

Anna, this dark angel has everything that would make her a true tranny bride. She's adorable, she's submissive and she knows a few tricks that would make your cum right away!…


Perfect ladyboy: Ice

Don’t wanna get into bad word-plays, but this time please forgive me… This slot, called Ice… is really hot :))…


Perfect ladyboys: Gogo

Gogo is a go-go dancer at a local Thai pub. She's the biggest attraction of the so-called "kathoey nights", when ladyboys appear on stage. So why not check out her performances when there's only one p…


Perfect ladyboy: Toy

Check out our newest "toy boy", a lovely Asian cutie who'll be happy to spend the evening with you and be your sex toy for a night. But don't freak out when you wake up in the morning and realize that…


Perfect ladyboy: TT

What do you think it is that I’m holding in my hands? You’re right! This is what I’m gonna use for fucking your pussy! But that you are going to remember for ever! ;)…


Perfect ladyboy: Noon

How about a delicious meal at noon? I mean, how about serving a juicy tight butt as appetizer? If you're hungry, then serve yourself and enjoy the exotic dish we serve you today!…


Perfect ladyboy: Iya

Exotic-looking brunette sweetheart Iya is here to get "her" tight little bum rammed hard. You can't believe a few years earlier she was visiting your local football trainings, eh? I bet under the show…


Perfect ladyboy: Sukita

Would you think that this hoe used to fuck pussies? Well, those times are over! This bitch is already a 100 percent girl – with some “extra features”  - her pussy gets filled, that’s f…

May M.

Perfect ladyboy: May

Oh just look at May, what a tiny cute pecker she has! She calls it her 'clit' and loves to rub it while getting butt-fucked from behind! What an irresistible cutie, indeed!…


Perfect ladyboy: Cleo

Exotic and hot, that's Cleo. And you won't tell just by glimpsing on her that she's not a 'she' originally. Just after you got some drink together and you brought her up to your hotel room... right af…

Lala Girl

Perfect ladyboy: Lala

Look deep in Lala's mesmerizing eyes for a minute and you're lost forever! From that time on, you just want to feel her sweet, tight pussy pumping on your hard dick!…

Oye Red

Perfect ladyboy: Oye

Those dreamy eyes would sparkle with joy as I fuck her hard from the behind. Oye is just the right thing created solely for fucking, and she knows this too. The only thing I can say after emptying a h…


Perfect ladyboy: Cintya

What a lady! I mean, what a ladyboy! Cintya was a guy a few years ago... and now check out what she has become! Her long hair, round boobs and cock-hungry mouth doesn't remind you of the stud she used…


Perfect ladyboy: Eyrika

Yet another cutiepie opens up the sweetest firm legs of the universe to reveal... well, a tight little ass and a small boner. So if you don't mind a little extra, take a look at lovely Asian ladyboy E…


Perfect ladyboy: Donut

Hungry for some donuts? I have one extremely delicious for you... if you like sweets, this my offer: Donut, the ladyboy, with sweet lips, candy eyes and sugar bum... I bet you'll have appetite for a b…


Perfect ladyboy : Nikole

Allright! Finally a babe who's so passionate you'll immediately melt as soon as your throbbing cock will touch her pussy... Or else, her red-hot pussy will make you cum at once! So, wanna give her a t…


Perfect ladyboy: Tinna

Tinna, Tinna, you're wonderful! I can't even imagine someone who's more beautiful than you. I wish you could be my wife so that we could wake up each day at each other's side!…


Perfect ladyboy: Lia

Wow! Oh my god! Lia is perfect, indeed! If you forget about what website you might find her at, and imagine you meet her at the streets, I'm sure you'll mistake her for a cute girl. Because at heart, …


Perfect ladyboys: TT & June

TT and June are some fine ass bitches! These girls are awesome! Just look at them! Wouldn’t you spend a long-long night with them? ‘Cuz I’m tellin’ you they seem hot pussies to me!…


Perfect ladyboys: Vanesa and Vivienn

When two cock-hungry brunette demons like Vivienn and Vanesa team up, you could be sure you'll have the time of your life with them! So why don't you sit back, relax and let these Oriental butterflies…


Perfect ladyboy: Monna

Monna would be the most perfect cute little lady ever: she has a heart-breakingly petite figure, sweet face, sparkling eyes, firm, round buttocks... and a little extra between her slim, long legs. But…

Bee M.

Perfect ladyboy: Bee

Let me introduce you Bee, right from the streets of Bangkok. She's such a petite little girl (at least she loves to be called so) and has such a small cute pecker. Oh how it bounces up and down as I f…


Perfect ladyboy: Sua

Sua is a real schoolgirl, what a surprise... Today she wears her school uniform to fulfill your wildest dreams. And do you know what she and her girlfriends do at evenings. No, not learning together..…


Perfect ladyboy: Jessie

I stepped to him and said: You'll be my bitch tonight! He just smiled and I already knew that's exactly what he planned for this evening. So I ripped his clothes open just to reveal that sexy set of l…


Perfect ladyboy: Kimm

We're back with a brand new face: let's meet Kimm, who's so young and so horny! The little thing loves to dress up as a naughty schoolgirl - and I bet you'd love to be her teacher, to spank her tight …


Perfect ladyboy: Cream

You want some cream pie? Just call this bitch and she’s going to fill your pussy with vanilla cream! But her motto is “eye for eye”… you won’t get away from her without filling her “cup”…


Perfect ladyboy: Vanesa

You have already met Vanesa, do you remember? I hope so, I bet she made a deep impact on you! At that time she teamed up with Vivien but now she's all alone, ready to show why she's the better from th…


Perfect ladyboy: Ayalya

Ayalya is the perfect babe for everyone looking for something spicy and exotic. A lot of tourists travel to Asia for such kind of things - but she, well, give her a call and she's at your home, you do…


Perfect ladyboy: June

I love to get fucked in my pussy! Soon I’m gonna have 2, so that’s going to be a LOT OF FUN! Getting jizz everywhere! Oh my… a real dream will come true!…


Perfect ladyboy: Helen

If Helena was the cause of the Troyan war, this Helen is the reason for starting the war of Bangkok! Just check out those eyes, that lovely smile and that cute little pecker between her legs!…


Perfect ladyboy: Vivienn

Okay, last time you met Vanesa, now it's high time to meet her sexy partner as well, from that memorable scene where the two lusty gals appeared together. So, I better cut my crap and present you Vivi…


Perfect ladyboys: Iya and Tinna

You have already met with Iya and Tinna, and I'm sure you do remember them quite well. Actually, they are good friends, so I thought I better fuck and have fun with the two together. Now it's only you…


Perfect ladyboy: Benz

Oh My God! Is this bitch really about cutting that “thing” off? Well, good for her! But hope she is gonna fuck a pussy with that before saying “good bye” for ever!… review by Rabbit

So far, you have enjoyed some free scenes from Its time to talk more about this asian shemales website. I'm not so very good with words, so instead I'm going to quote you what one of the biggest and most respected porn reviews site has to say about it. If you want to read an honest dirtyorientals review and if you can't trust these guys from rabbits, then I don't know whom you can trust.

Every legitimate fan of shemales knows that Asian T-babes are some of the finest around. Those soft, delicate features and hairless, tight bodies make for some perfect T-gals. On Perfect Ladyboys, there are some truly fine shemales in raw hardcore action. I even saw at least one post-op tranny in the models list. Still, this site is not perfect, so let's probe all its nooks and crannies more deeply, shall we?

The site design and navigation on PerfectLadyboys has changed completely since our last visit. Not that it was bad before, but now when you enter the site you are on a network page and must find the site in a drop down menu before you get can take in all the shemale content.

The 52 videos are downloadable either as clips or as full-length scenes in Windows Media and MP4 files. Video quality is good to excellent, with the newer vids falling in the excellent range. Each vid also comes with an online streaming option.

You also get 52 picture sets that contain mostly high-res photos. These images can be downloaded in Zip files. The scenes are a mix of trannies sucking and getting fucked by guys, as well as two shemales going at it. It's pretty much exactly what you'll see in the videos.

Membership includes access to about 50 Porn Pass For All network bonus sites (30 the first month and 10 each of the next two). There are many more extreme categories here, like anal and fisting, but this is the only tranny site. Some of the other collections you get access to include Lez Cuties, Footsie Babes and Asshole Fever.

If you have a special thing for Asian T-babes, you won't even want to bother with the Perfect Ladyboys bonus material. Since they stopped updating two years ago, there is only about a month or two worth of tranny enjoyment here - depending on how fast you consume it.

Source: Rabitts Reviews

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